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Our Refuge

Call our Crisisline: 0800 REFUGE or 09 378 7635 

Auckland Women's Refuge have a safe house for women and children experiencing family violence. We can provide temporary accommodation and ongoing support.

 We can help you get out.

Our Refuge: Get Involved

About our Safe House

Our confidential safe house or refuge is located in Central Auckland. Please find answers to frequently asked questions about our Safe House

What does it cost to stay at Refuge?

While we would love to provide free accommodation, there is a nightly charge  to cover our fixed running costs. From $42 per night (single) to $57 (family group) per night. Don't worry if you don't have the funds now as our door is always open to at-risk women. We can help you apply for an emergency benefit to cover this.

How long can I stay with my children?

We can provide short-term accommodation for up to a month for women and children at risk from abuse.  We can only take adolescent boys up to the age of 14 years because this is a Womens Refuge. The goal of refuge is to provide a safe space for clients to plan their next steps, either a move to independent living or with extended family. The average stay in Refuge is around two weeks.

What is the accommodation like? Will I be safe?

We have three comfortable self-contained units at our Refuge so can cater for family groups and single women at any one time. The Refuge address is confidential and no visitors are allowed. There is a security camera, a nightly curfew and a Refuge Coordinator on site during the day. We operate a strictly alcohol and drug-free site. Any breach of house rules will result in eviction.

I am a trans woman experiencing domestic violence - can you help me?

Yes if you meet our family harm screening criteria. We are an inclusive support service who recognises the needs of our LBTQI+ communities. Please contact us.

Can my children continue their schooling?

Yes but we recommend withdrawing your children from their current school for your own protection. We can organise temporary enrolment at a great and supportive Central Auckland school. We have a Child Support Worker at Refuge who can help organise this and play activities for any children aged under five.

Can I bring my pet?

Not to our Refuge but we can refer clients to the wonderful Pet Refuge who will help look after your pet, while we look after you. We understand that women often delay leaving abusive relationships because of concerns about their pet's safety. So the Pet Refuge has removed this barrier and they can take pets from all over New Zealand.  

How can I access Refuge?

Give us a call on 0800 Refuge or email us here. We will need information on your situation to understand the urgency of your need. Sometimes we have no space at our Refuge so we will make alternative arrangements.  We can also help you make an exit plan and arrange a safe place to meet you and your children.

Can you provide emergency accommodation?

If you meet our screening criteria for family harm, we can help. We have to prioritise those most at risk of family violence. 

> Have you experienced family violence recently? 

> Are you and your children in immediate danger of abuse?

> Have you reported family abuse to police now or in the past?

We can refer you onto accommodation agencies who might be able to help.

What other support can you provide?

We can help you plan your next steps including access to free legal services and financial independence. Check out our other services here or contact us for more information. 

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